Q Can you repair a small hole in my carseat?

A Sure, no problem! We can often take a portion of your fabric from an inconspicuous area to replace the panel with the hole.

Q I like the idea of a sail shade, but do I have to take it down over winter?

A  We recommend the removal of shades over the winter months to protect from any possible snow fall and to extend the life of your shade.  Peter May Ltd offer our maintenance programme were we will call in Autumn to remove, store and clean your sail (if needed) and refit when the weather warms up in September.

Q  I am thinking of a sail for our patio area but we are going to build a deck.  When should I talk you you?

A  Before any building starts is best as we can discuss the design to ensure you get the best result and the placement of any poles or attachment points.

Q  What length do your haycovers come in?

A  Standard 25m x 3.6m in stock, but we can make to any size requirements.  Other popular sizes are 25m x 7.2 (double width), 30m x 3.6m.

Q  Do you supply ropes with your haycovers?

A  Yes, we offer an optional rope of 4m long with a splice on one end and a clip on the other to prevent fraying.  For the 2012 season we also offer the StrongHold Hook, which negates the need to tie any knots.  Really quick and easy to use, the Stronghold Hook ensures the best possible hold for your hay cover.

Q What happens if my haycover is eaten by mice?  Do I need to bring it in to be repaired?

A  Not always.  We have a special tape (50mm or 100mm wide) designed to be placed over any holes that will give you a quick easy and low cost result that you can do yourself.

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