Permanent shade structures such as Cantilever Umbrellas which are available in a number of eye catching styles are perfect around BBQs & patio areas.

Best of all as the sun moves around, so to can the angle of the umbrella head, giving you shade just where you need it right throughout every day of summer.

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The ultimate cantilever umbrella. The Riviera umbrella is a great way to enjoy outdoor areas whilst remaining protected from the summer sun. Easy to operate, these umbrellas are not only sturdy, they also look great. Featuring 360 degree rotation, three lockable tilt positions and an SPF100 UV protection rating, the Riviera umbrella offers unparalleled sun protection. With no centre post, it also offers maximum space efficiency.

Riviera umbrellas are available in four sizes -square 3m & 3.5m & octagonal 3.5m & 4m.

Click here to download the Riviera brochure




The clever solution for tight spaces, the Cantina simply attaches to a wall with the clever click bracket, great for a balcony or patio. The cantina provides shade where a conventional umbrella is simply impractical.  With a choice of two arm lengths and four great colour options this lightweight umbrella is sure to please.  Optional double adaper can be fitted so that two umbrellas can be fitted onto a single wall bracket. 100% Olefin fabric matches our Acrylic colour range so your Cantina can blend with existing umbrella products.

Available: Hexagonal 2.7m 

Click here to download the Cantina brochure





Our residential cantilever umbrella has great flexibility with 7 different side-to-side angles providing complete shade flexibility.   With the ability for the canopy to tilt to so many positions and 360 degree rotation as well, you can beat on creating great shade to just the right spot.  The Horizon can have the option of a moveable base or base plate/in-ground fitting giving even greater stability in the wind.  A new Horizon umbrella base with retractable wheels is fantastic and can be moved (when the umbrella is closed) quite easily.

Available:  square 3m or octagonal 3.0m & 3.5m

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The Tempest is our giant heavy-duty commercial umbrella. Engineered to withstand 80-100 km/h wind gusts while open.  This impressive umbrella is the ultimate in durability and style making a real statement.  Suitable for printing and branding the Tempest commercial umbrella provides a great opportunity to showcase your brand.  Now available only in PVC with 11 colour options.

Available:  square 3.5m, 4m and 5m or octagonal 5m

Click here to download the Tempest brochure





The Fibreglass umbrella has superseded the Bistro. It is our traditional umbrella with a centre pole, canopy made from quality canvas and fibreglass construction.  Great base options from moveable to In-ground fittings to give you great flexibility for placement.  Suitable for printing & branding so a great umbrella for your business.

Available:  square 2m  & 3m or octagonal 2.8m & 4.2m

Click here to download the Bistro Market umbrella brochure




Peter May are the local agent for shade7  umbrellas. Whatever your needs, Toni and Peter will be happy to help you find the best solution. 

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